Cleveland Bourbon Co-op About and Rules


Who/what are we?  We are a group of individuals who are passionate about whiskey – bourbons and ryes in particular.  While some of us have more knowledge than others, some of us have more sophisticated palates than others, some of us have large collections, some of us have small collections – what brings us together is the desire to learn more about our favorite brown liquid and to share our knowledge with others!  A good rule is to give more than you take from the group.


If you joined this group just to acquire bottles, this is not the group for you. While we have the opportunity and ability to “pick” barrels from some distilleries, this should NOT be your primary reason to join this group.  We have well over 1000 members and a typical barrel pick usually results in somewhere between 100 and 200 bottles. Not every member gets one from each of our picks. 


Our page – our posts - should be related to whiskey/whisky in some manner, shape or form. Whether they are educational, funny, industry news, tasting notes, photos of get togethers, or just what you’re drinking at that particular moment, please remember to be tasteful and respectful.


After being an active member for ninety (90) days, you may invite other Northeast Ohio residents (21 and over) who are closely affiliated with our region, and those who would contribute to the group in a meaningful way through knowledge sharing, education, or discussion. We will allow industry experts who can enhance our group with Admin approval.


We hope you find this group informative and helpful and an aid to enhancing your enjoyment of the whiskey world. Your participation is required to remain in the group. Post pics whenever possible.


While you may assist members in obtaining hard to find items, this is to be done in our MeWe Group and with extreme tact, without the aid of the secondary market prices, and in accordance with all applicable laws, guidelines and community standards. While we do understand that a secondary market exists, promotion, discussion, or reference to any secondary market pricing is prohibited.


While we understand that topics will be introduced and re-introduced in a growing group, we ask you to be courteous to your fellow members and use the available Facebook search tools to seek information before posting.


This is a private group for many reasons and is for the protection of all members

If you are inviting someone to this group then be aware you are vouching for that person and their actions could potentially affect your membership here. If you have questions or concerns please contact an Admin or Mod.


Let’s keep the Co-Op fun, informative and most of all respectful to our membership!


Expectations of our Members


  1. Contribute and/or volunteer to the group in some fashion. The following are good ways to contribute (not an exclusive list): share industry/educational information about bourbon; engage in discussion/commentary on others’ Facebook posts – including healthy debate; host get togethers; organize a get together at your favorite watering hole; share your collection with others; and/or contribute to charities we support. 
  2. Just buying the barrel picks does NOT count. This group is NOT for bottle hunters/collectors/hoarders/flippers.
  3. Be an active member of our Facebook group. We have the ability to track how often people engage on the page. If you’re not contributing ANYTHING for three plus months, you may be removed from the group with or without notice.  
  4. When you purchase a barrel pick, be sure to pick the bottle up in a timely fashion – within 45 days. Failure to do so can result in a return of your money, loss of the bottle and potentially removal.  “Ghosting” or not responding to requests about pickup can also result in removal.  Repeated failures will result in removal.
  5. Use the MeWe social media platform, offer-up for sale/trade hard to find bottles (or those possibly not sold in Ohio). Valuations/prices must be MSRP plus taxes and any verifiable shipping costs.  
  6. Our admins/moderators are one hundred percent volunteers. They are not compensated in any fashion. No money. No free bottles. Nothing. They volunteer their time, and sometimes their own money, to our group. 


Rules to Live By


  1. Be kind, courteous and respectful. Healthy debates are permitted.  However, personal attacks, threatening content or content that is a blatant threat toward persons or places will NOT be tolerated. Such posts will be immediately deleted and the member posting same will be immediately removed from the group.
  2. No harassment of any kind of any other members, persons or places will be tolerated. Participation in same will result in immediate removal from the group.
  3. Buying, selling or trading of bottles on the Co-Op Facebook page is NOT allowed. Period.  This includes posts about bottles where a member suggests that the conversation switch to DMs. This is a red flag to Facebook and to us.  Any such action puts our group at risk with Facebook as well as with OHLQ.  Avoid the use of the following in your posts to ensure you don’t run afoul of this rule:  ISO; FT or For Trade; FS or For Sale; is this a good deal/trade/sale; what’s a fair offer/trade; etc.  Any related posts will be immediately deleted and the posting member warned about future posts. Repeated violation of this rule could result in removal from the group.
  4. Co-op members may use the MeWe social media platorm to buy/sell/trade bottles with one another. Sales/trades must be done at MSRP (plus taxes and verifiable shipping costs). Pluse see additional rules posted at the top of the Co-Op’s MeWe page. 
  5. No “flipping” or selling of any bottles from Cleveland Bourbon Co-op barrel picks. Any member determined to be flipping Co-op picks will be subject to immediate removal.  Co-Op barrel picks may be sold to other members of the Co-Op at the original purchase price only.  Barrel picks may be sold to non-members ONLY with prior approval.  Any member selling a Co-Op pick at an inflated price or to a non-member without approval will be removed. 
  6. No mention or discussion of secondary sites for purposes of acquiring or selling bottles. It’s also a red flag for Facebook and we want to protect our ability to gather here.
  7. If you would like to advertise charity events, giveaways, business specials, etc. you must obtain Admin approval before posting same. If you do not obtain prior Admin approval, any and all posts will be deleted.  While we support each other and various charities and businesses, we do NOT want our page to become a billboard.  Posts with a direct link to a raffle or Go Fund Me (or similar) page are NOT permitted. Further, any posts regarding charities we want to ensure they are reputable and legitimate charities and/or organizations.  Members may not solicit others for bottle donations on the Co-Op Facebook page. 
  8. Honest, thoughtful reviews of businesses will not be censored provided they are done respectfully and the comments don’t get out of hand with personal attacks.
  9. If you have an issue or problem with a post or another member, please report to one of the Admins - NOT to Facebook.
  10. Political content alone will not be tolerated. Keep political posts to your public pages and not in the Co-op page. Such posts will be deleted and the posting member will be warned. Repeated violations will result in removal.