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Tom's Foolery Founders Edition Barrel #1 "Birthday Barrel"

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Good Evening Co-op,

We are honored to have been given to the opportunity to taste and select a very special barrel of bourbon.

We present to you Tom’s Foolery Barrel #1 this very special barrel was the first barrel of bourbon distilled for sale. Barreled on October 2nd 2011 in Tom's 1st still which also happens to be an original Michters Still that Tom had purchased at auction. Additionally Tom had the distinct pleasure of having non other than Stephan Beam come to Ohio to help him set the still up! This very special 11yr old fine straight Ohio bourbon whiskey was produced from that still. Initially tasted in 2021 however we just had to many barrels coming in at that time.

The co-op revisited this barrel in the spring of 2022, we made several barrel selections that day and decided to let this barrel continue to age until it was a full 11 years old.

October also happens to be Tom’s birthday month as well as our own Stephan Crooks both of which are on the same day! (October 23rd) which is roughly when this barrel is due to land. With that we have decided to call this Tom's Foolery Founders Edition Barrel #1."Birthday Barrel"

Picking team for this barrel consisted of Steve Crooks, Mari Heaney, Stephan Kremer, Ryan Blazak, Sarah Wood, and Carl Betti.

This is a custom label for this upcoming selection.